PTLevel Monitor

Callaway Water is pleased to present the PTLevel.

For all of our customers with cisterns and wells, this device will monitor your water level and notify us when you need a refill. Save time and headache and never run out of water. Comes in both Wireless and Wired units. Access your level information on your phone, computer, tablet, or TV.

Sold and installed by Callaway Water. Contact us for more details.

Cistern Water Level Monitor


Watch on any Device any Where
Monitor your level from your phone, computer, tablet, tv, and more.

Be in the Know
Setup alerts at any set point by sms or email. It is simple to Set up in your account.

Free Online Connectivity
A PTDevices account is free which includes all the needed features for your device.

View your usage history over time to see how you've been saving on water, or see when Callaway Water delivered.

Share your level easily with Callaway Water. They will be able to monitor your levels for you.

Save Money
Know the level and order your precious water when actually needed. No more guessing which could cut down on costly delivery charges.

Click and Collect Hero

PTLevel Comes in Wifi or Wired Version today.

Wifi Version $349.99.
Wired Version $257.99 USD

Contact us to Order: 519-758-5115

Installation fee will apply. Contact us for more details.

With PTLevel, I never have to worry about running out of water. When my level gets low, Callaway Water gets notified! I love how I can view my water level easily on the mobile app!
- Angeline Marstrom

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